The Power of Mentoring

"There is nothing you know that you haven't learned from someone else." - Joshua Wooden, father of John Wooden

This is a test pilot for the Sports Business Industry only. If all goes well, I'll open to all industries.

In 2018, let's look to "give" and "teach". I can think of no better way to do this then aligning the force of mentoring. In my network alone, I know many who want to mentor and those who want to be mentored. This year I felt, we could play matchmakers. Fill out the form in which you would like to participate. Happy New Year!

Submissions will last until February 2018 and will be open after the first round of matches are made.

Become a Mentor

With your experience, knowledge and eagerness to help, you are volunteering to be matched up via e-mail to a mentee. Your interests, skillset will align with their desired field.

Become a Mentee

You will be paired up with a mentor to have the chance to learn from their experience, knowledge and career path. Once paired via e-mail, an informational interview is a good start to get the ball rolling.

Join The Board

Anyone interested in joining the board will join me in the matchmaking process. It would be helpful too, to ignite your network to become a mentor or mentee. Down the road, content and success stories could be an avenue for this microsite.