What IS Industry Relations?

An acting liaison between an industry and the constituents (students, athletes, professionals) to bring forth opportunities, relationships, resources for all involved. 


We are all given the opportunity to be professional and to allow ourselves the development need to grow.

We all have the choices to build our brand. Our brand can have a goal and we direct the path as much as possible. Or rather our growth can be more passive, reactive and development happens when we allow it. 

If we all have this opportunity to build our brand and embrace the development to grow our brand, why are we not taking full advantage?

Do we know our goals? Do we know how? Do we know how much work it can or will take?


We know it as;

1) Connect as or operate with a network

2) Link to operate interactively

3) Interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts to further one's career.

Is it more than that? It's an utensil needed to compete in the world's most competitive industries. We have the tools, but not many use them for their own good.

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