Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday, I am 31 years young. It would be very nice to receive gifts from everyone, but I am happy with the gifts life has given me (especially this past year). Those who planned to give me a gift and those who never did, here is your chance to give a gift in my honor. Below are organizations that I care about. These organizations are ones I have worked with in some capacity and I proudly support. My hope is you will support them too by giving a donation. Your donation can be $31 if you want or more (not less). :-)


The Darren daulton foundation

As you may know, I am on the Board for the Darren Daulton Foundation. We lost Darren to GBM this August and this is a big year for DDF. 

Their mission: The Darren Daulton Foundation is committed to providing financial assistance to those who suffer from brain cancer and brain tumors.




Over the years, I have gotten to know Steve Bandura and Amos Huron. Both are the HEART and SOUL of the Anderson Monarchs. This past Spring/Summer, I was lucky to "intern" with them and learn about their vision and work. You should too!

Their mission: We provide underserved youth from Philadelphia with opportunities to develop to their fullest potential athletically, academically, and as citizens, in an environment that builds character, promotes positive decision-making and produces athletes who are prepared to lead on and off the field. 



Alyson Harris is one of the nicest people in the world. Her baby is Access Sports Experiences. Without Alyson and ASE, the Darren Daulton Foundation would not have been able to handle the First Ever Wiff or Wiffout Classic. It was a pure partnership with a great organization ran by an even better person.

Their mission: ACCESS SPORTS EXPERIENCES is a not for profit organization that provides inclusive multidimensional sporting opportunities to at-risk and special needs populations here in the Philadelphia area. Through ACCESS SPORTS Experiences, people of all ages, economic backgrounds, races and physical capabilities can receive the joy of a life transforming sporting experience.